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Training Project Requires Many Roles

A versatile training solution, with administrators, instructors, managers, and resources properly allocated, can empower a company or organization, with immediate knowledge transfer and skills tracking throughout the enterprise.

FlexTraining software is a proven online training system for all types of online learning. It provides a proven path to success, and the ability to quickly deliver online courses.

The User List section of the Management Center lets you identify each Management Center user, and assign that user to a Role.  The Roles are also defined by you and you must specify what features may be accessed for that specific Role. Only users listed here will have access to the FlexTraining Management Center.

For example, a user may be designated as an instructor, and would be assigned a role that provides access to features normally used by Instructors.

If the system has been set to use a hierarchical organization structure, then the user will also be assigned at a level, to help filter what data that user is allowed to view or manage.

The Roles section allows you to create profiles for a user or group of users that defines what sections of the Management Center they will have permission to use.  Use this feature only if you have multiple users in the Management Center and need to specify certain authorities for each.

The Managers section is used to designate managers who can then be assigned to each student.  These managers can be notified by the system upon the occurrence of certain events.

The Address Book section allows you to create a library of people and email addresses that can be notified of certain events, or that can be sent reports or copied in to communications sent through FlexTraining.

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