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Whether it's compliance training, enhancing employee and manager skills, or generating revenue with online courses, FlexTraining is the answer. FlexTraining is designed from the ground up to be nonprofit-friendly and cost-effective.

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Optimizing a Universal Learning Platform

Many features within the FlexTraining solution are optimized to better support the nonprofit community. Here is a closer look at how FlexTraining drives the viability and growth of nonprofits:

1. The Right Tool for the Job

As a nonprofit with a limited budget, you cannot afford to take chances with unproven technology or poor quality when introducing a new online learning system or custom-developed courses. We believe that for automated, on-demand training to be effective, it has to be streamlined and manageable, with secure testing, reporting, and simplified configuration. It should also allow you to re-use your existing training materials, to save time and money. That's what FlexTraining is all about.

2. Course Authoring, Review, and Scheduling

A nonprofit is likely to have several subject matter experts and a collaborative course development process. FlexTraining allows you to create multiple versions of a given course, and to author them well in advance of when learners will be granted access. This allows for unlimited review and revision, and to deliver a slightly different course to each of your target audiences, internal or external.

3. Course Guides

Nonprofit education can sometimes cover complex or multi-faceted subject matter. With FlexTraining, your technical, scientific, regulatory, or compliance material can reside in a separate "Course Guide". The Course Guide may be referenced by the learner as needed, or simply provided as a take-away item. This optional technique keeps such material from the main flow of the lesson plan.

4. Unlimited Courses and Enrollments

In a nonprofit organization, employees and managers may wear several hats. Accordingly, an individual may have a large number of online courses assigned and as a whole the organization may create a very large course catalog. And offering fee-based courses to the public, if you want to generate revenue, can result in a very large learner community with many thousands of enrollments. There is never an extra cost for additional classes and enrollments with FlexTraining.

5. Skill Groups

Reflecting the various duties of many personnel, each employee may have a distinct training path. We call these Skill Groups, and it's a convenient way to group courses, assign them to some or all learners, and to track progress in meeting individual training objectives. Skill Groups are unlimited as well, and each may carry a due date and notifications to make sure each learner has completed his or her coursework.

6. Internal and External Courses

In a single FlexTraining platform, courses may be delivered to internal staff and to external stakeholders. For your staff and managers, you may decide to assign courses and Skill Groups according to job title. For the public or an outside group, you may decide to charge fees for training and utilize FlexTraining's built-in E-commerce processing. This may be a large contributor to the overall revenue profile of a nonprofit organization.

7. Help With High Turnover

Many nonprofits deal with high turnover of management and employees. Naturally, FlexTraining is a big part of your onboarding process, with courses like Orientation and Compliance commonly offered. But online courses and tests also provide protection from liability and proof of compliance for years after someone has left, using built-in historical reporting and analysis.

8. Scalability

We have customers with only 50 employees and other customers who training tens of thousands of online learners. FlexTraining is tremendously scalable, built to handle small or large volumes of courses and learners as needed. FlexTraining is completely self-contained, is available 24/7, and grows with your nonprofit organization. Our reporting tools and data retrieval screens also offer flexible data filters. This helps to simplify your work and to keep your reports and lists manageable in size as you work with your courses and learners.

9. Cloud-hosted

Although some customers choose to host FlexTraining on their own network, most opt for our high-speed cloud hosting. This means there is no need for you to have IT staff involved. And no need for server hardware, high-volume internet bandwidth, or reliability concerns. Most nonprofits have a lean staff and limited technical resources, and are not looking for a technical project to occupy their time. So a streamlined, cloud-based training platform is a great fit.

10. Progress Reporting

For today's nonprofit, if it's worth doing it's worth reporting. And your board and high-profile donors need to see what you are accomplishing. With FlexTraining, progress and accomplishments, in detail or in summary form, can be quickly forwarded to board members or other interested parties. Best of all, periodic progress updates are distributed without board members needing to log in to FlexTraining itself. You can utilize text messages or email attachments, as you wish, for maximum convenience.

In summary, FlexTraining is built to keep your life simple, streamline your mandatory training, distribute knowledge, and generate revenue for your nonprofit organization.

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