E-Learning Business Resources

Doing business in the E-Learning market requires a fair amount of paperwork. We have created, over the years, a vast collection of operating resources, transactional records, support agreements, and other documents and templates. These kinds of Word, PDF, and HTML-based tools help us maintain a certain level of efficiency and help keep us organized. In addition, having standard, re-usable documents helps us keep costs down for our customers and clients.

Below are various samples of these operating documkents - note that many have been replaced by newer versions in our day-to-day operations. Together, they assist us in our mission to bring online training to companies large and small, in all industries and countries around the world.

Licenses and Customer Docs
FlexTraining License 2008 HTML
FT Demo License HTML
FT Support Sample Agreement HTML
FT VAR Agreement Sample HTML
FT4 License Agreement HTML
Hosting Agreement HTML
FT4 Support Agreement HTML
LG Subscription 2008 HTML
Login And Go Checklist HTML
Login and Go welcome letter HTML
New Customer Letter HTML
New Customer Letter FT4 HTML
New Customer Letter FT42 HTML
NY Courts Services HTML
Quotation - Login and Go HTML
Tech Support Instructions HTML

Sales Documents
Closing a Sale
Demo Tips
E-Learning Comparison Worksheet 61
FlexTraining CourseBuilding Services
Flextraining Coursebuilding Strategies
FlexTraining For Consulting Firms
FlexTraining Overview
FlexTraining Talking Points
FT Common Tech Questions
FT Idea Book Dec08
How To Do a Bad demo/
E-Learning Feature Comparison
Level Pricing
Standard LG Quote 2010
LG Subscription Agreement
Outside Sales Process Outline
Proposal 2009
Reducing Training Costs
Sales Process Expanded
Training Needs Assessment

Marketing Resources
Reference Guide #1 HTML
Reference Guide #2 HTML
Competitive Research 2010 HTML
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness HTML
FlexTraining Optimized for Manufacturing HTML
FlexPartners Launch - Press Release HTML
FT Info Book Jan 07 HTML
FT Introduction HTML
FT Press Release 03-31-99 HTML
FT Standard Proposal HTML
Sample RFP Request HTML
Security Policy HTML
Technical Notes 2008 HTML
FT Industry Backgrounder HTML