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I had no idea it would be so easy to move my courses online. FlexTraining templates, flexible testing, certificates and multimedia support make online training a breeze.

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We encourage you to review other, more complex and costly, training systems. Compare FlexTraining with any other Learning Management System available today. It's not just the best value; it has the most features, period. Judge for yourself.

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Here we offer a short white paper entitled "Reducing Training Costs" that shows you just how dramatic your savings can be with a full-featured Learning Management System in place. Savings are even greater when you adopt our Login & Go program and set up your online training in the cloud.

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Our training was up and running right away.
 FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!

Jeff McLendon - President, US Lumber Inc.

We have been so impressed with the service we are getting from FlexTraining!

Beth Harp, Trauma Informed Training Group

Quick Videos - Types of Online Training

Compliance Training

Organizations need to provide their employees with compliance training on a wide range of topics, including discrimination and harassment, dealings with competitors, insider equity trading, protecting trade secrets, records management, bribery, kickbacks, etc. Sometimes, many of these compliance topics are addressed in an organization's Code of Conduct, and the organization may offer employees periodic Code of Conduct training.

Customer Training

Customers often need education in order to make the best use of your products and services. Additionally, online courses deliver a solid value and proven benefits, nd can be an integral part of your revenue profile. Cusomers can learn in a private, secure environment with user-defined exercises and tests.

Business Partner Training

Business partner training can take on many forms. Some companies will primarily communicate their culture, goals, and procedures for doing business. In a technical organization, training may focus on how to use a particular technology. For others, online courses may be associated with the launch of a new product or service, and target resellers and channel partners.

Market Your Online Courses

Your online courses are a valuable asset. There are companies, organizations, and individuals who could benefit from your knowledge, and are willing to pay for it. You can sell courses to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, and with FlexTraining you can have your custom-developed courses available quickly. No training solution is as easy to use and as well suited to experts who want to take their courses to market.

Browser independent, desktop and mobile compatible, and cost-effective. FlexTraining powers online education in every market segment, public and private.

Utilize a Full Training System

Advanced Learning Management

  • The ability to multi-brand login and training screens to support multiple organizations, clients or product brands.
  • Built-in course authoring tools and templates, including multimedia and narration support
  • Completion certificates with dynamic real-time name, date and course information.
  • Pre-requisite designation and enforcement, with assigned curriculum per student or group of employees with similar job duties
  • Integrated E-commerce for course fees, activated and user-defined on a course-by-course basis
  • Skill groups and tailored learning plans, with completion tracking, assigned dealines, and warning notifications
  • Flexible learner import and export facilities for integration with outside systems and personal spreadsheets.
  • Our narrated online demos will show you what a streamlined Learning Management System with advanced features looks like.
Build Your Online Courses

Choosing the Right LMS

  • How easily can you change the system behaviors and options - without programming?
  • Is there robust analysis reporting, and can you easily track the progress of individual students against a training plan?
  • Are you able to mix and match instructor-led courses and self-paced education?
  • Can the online learner track his progress and interact with subject matter experts?
  • Can you choose between hosting your training system and keeping it "in the cloud"?
  • Will you be able to manage training for multiple departments with a single administrator, or with very few resources and no technical staff involved?
  • Does the LMS occupy a very small piece of the cost-benefit analysis, as it should?
  • Everyone's needs are different. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation.