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In 2019, agencies and departments of all sizes are moving their mission-critical training online.


Customized Compliance Training

Repeatable, predictable online training delivers required courses to your department:

  • ADA, HIPAA, Suicide Prevention, Animal Attacks, Medical Training, Injury Prevention
  • Fire and Safety Training, CIT and Detentions, Jail Procedures and Regulations
  • LGBT Awareness, Sexual Harassment, Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Custom Courses based on your knowledge, policies, and work environment
  • Less administration, fewer missed deadlines, fewer headaches
  • "Before" and "After" knowledge tests measure effectiveness of each course, as needed

Briefing: Harris County TX Sheriff

Briefing: Corrections Department Example

Examples of FlexTraining Past and Present Clients:

  • Harris County Sheriff (Houston, TX)
  • Mississippi Department of Corrections
  • Florida National Guard
  • US Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Erie County Prison System
  • Harris County Constable
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Pinellas County Sheriff (St. Petersburg, FL)

In a challenging economic climate, smart choices must be made to reduce ongoing operating costs, insure safety in operations, meet deadlines and improve effectiveness. One prominent area where expenses can be driven downward is in the delivery of targeted compliance training and skills enhancement. The Login & Go cloud-based custom training platform delivers those kind of savings.

Many public-sector agencies and departments face a stark choice: find a cost-effective strategy for delivering targeted education or don't do any training at all. Online training can deliver improved effectiveness and cost savings when compared to classroom training.

How about an example? The white paper below presents realistic examples that demonstrate how online training using the Login & Go system drives down ongoing training costs. Conservative assumptions are made concerning individual cost drivers and the utilization of classroom facilities to ensure fairness.

Download the Reducing Law Enforcement Training Costs white paper

Optimized for Law Enforcement Training

Choose FlexTraining and you will utilize simplified best practices and the streamlined FlexTraining rapid-build training platform to quickly author and deliver online training. You can easily include existing material such as Department Manuals, Written Procedures, maps, statutes, and human resources policies, etc.

FlexTraining has been optimized for the law enforcement aned corrections environment in many ways. Specifically:

  1. Rapid Template-driven Course Assembly and Delivery
    • The FlexTraining template-based framework positions a trainer or course author to quickly assemble new training and deliver knowledge to target learners. In a rapidly-changing regulatory environment, quick assembly and delivery of courses is a must.
  2. Skill groups and tailored Training Paths
    • Not everyone in your department or organization has the same job description, or the same training needs. With FlexTraining each worker can be assigned to a Skill Group which in turn defines his or her education curriculum. From there, FlexTraining supports deadlines, warnings and progress tracking.
  3. Content Independence
    • FlexTraining is a complete, versatile framework for training delivery and testing. All of its content templates and advanced features may be selected or omitted on a lesson-by-lesson basis, even within a single course. Pick and choose, for example, features and templates to fit Team Building and Interpersonal Skills training, and also for detailed courses on regulatory compliance and health-related concerns.
  4. Support for Multiple Formats
    • Your training material may come in various formats: text, PDF, PowerPoint, Audio, Video, and others. FlexTraining supports all web-deliverable formats for use in online courses. Notable is the strong support for video content, whether used in a direct mode or used as imbedded content and served by an external streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  5. Separation of Departments, Jurisdictions, and Precincts
    • FlexTraining has an integrated, optional hierarchy that allows only authorized managers and trainees access to the appropriate courses, approvals, and notifications. It's totally user-defined and can be deployed at multiple levels or simply turned off if not needed.
  6. Robust, Flexible Testing
    • A robust testing facility lets you decide where testing occurs (pre-tests, post-tests, and even testing between lessons). You set passing scores, explanations, and whether or not to use question pools with randomized selection. Testing protects you from legal harm or external pressures because you can demonstrate that officers have mastered specific training as of specific dates.
  7. Blended Learning
    • FlexTraining supports the mixing of online courses, classroom education, and field-exercises through a Virtual Gradebook feature. this allows you to keep all activity, scores and progress in one place for easy reporting and certification.

Not sure if you are ready for Online Training?

It's not unusal for clients to have questions or need some encouragement. Here are some more options:

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There are many ways to use the FlexTraining platform to deliver dynamic on-demand courses to your target audience. Match FlexTraining features to your requirements.

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