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By this time, most companies and organizations have been exposed to the advantages and efficiencies of e-learning. In other cases, the concepts involved in online training and testing might be relatively new. Some training managers have embraced e-learning while many have stayed behind, for one reason or another. In any case, we have valuable information and tips available, which customers have useful in their strategy-formation process. Of course these items are available at no cost and come with no obligation. We feel like an educated consumer is more likely to become a satisfied customer than someone who has done no research at all.

Learning Management System Info Book Free Info Book

A comprehensive look at the modern FlexTraining tools, with strategies, tips, and usable information about e-learning. Focus on the benefits provided by a modern LMS, as far as authoring, tracking, analysis, and efficiency.

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Learning Management Quick Reference Guide Free Quick Reference

This pocket-sized reference card is a useful, easy-to-follow laminated E-learning reference tool with checklists, suggested project steps, e-learning glossary, and information about file formats in a handy quick reference format.

Perhaps you have done some planning and research, and have a good idea of what kind of e-learning you want to do. Then you ar ready to ask a FlexTraining e-Learning consultant about putting your PowerPoints or other material into a sample FlexTraining course and showing it to you online. This method often "turns on the light" when it comes to visualizing your company's online training. See first-hand how online training can save you money.