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  Summary: Learner Benefits of Training with FlexTraining

System FeatureCustomer Benefit
FlexTraining is a flexible, secure, powerful web based training platform, designed for self-paced education. Ideal for employee orientation, sales management training, product training, technical skills enhancement, continuing education and computer workshops.
Course sections, content and tests are all presented in a logical sequence in an unattended mode. Instructor interaction is optional. Students learn at their convenience: during the workday, at night or on weekends.
FlexTraining is designed to be user-friendly and low maintenance. Avoids frustration of not being able to use an online training system because it's too complex or poorly designed.
FlexTraining supports but does not require video, sound clips or high-bandwidth proprietary file formats. This training solution works as well for students with fast or slow Internet or Intranet connections.
Training content is delivered in an HTML framework including text, photos, charts, graphs, images, audio, video, etc. Offers a wide variety of options for building and formatting course content.
FlexTraining supports training courses on any topic and of any course length. Works for a short introductory class or an intensive course running over many weeks.
FlexTraining serves up prepared course content automatically, one section at a time and/or provides a high degree of interaction between student and instructor. Fits high-tech/low-touch interaction needs or a high-touch/low-tech scenario.
FlexTraining is scalable and runs equally well with 5 students or 5000. Ideal for one course or a lengthy catalog of offerings - for small class sizes or large.
The Multi-Language mode is available on all screens throughout the student module. Students have the ability to select their language from a list.
The Student Menu is contained within a very thin frame in the web browser. Navigation does not impinge on the area meant for viewing learning content.
Design courses using Visual Course Builder Lays out course sections and learning screens graphically, providing a visual workspace for adding, editing and sequencing course content.