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  More Manager Benefits of Training With FlexTraining

System FeatureCustomer Benefit
FlexTraining lets students sign up for courses over the network or use student import with automatic class enrollment. Course registration does not consume the time and efforts of your staff.
Automated course evaluations are built once and then automatically submitted and processed by any and all students. Detailed, question-by-question evaluation reporting helps you manage training quality and feedback.
Instant performance graphs plot average test scores against goals for every course. Graphical views of aggregated student performance on knowledge assessments appear as line or bar graphs.
Automated template processing lets you quickly create one course from another. You have the option of including tests, assignments, course guides and/or course content sections. Faster course development, particularly when additional courses have similar structures and content.
Configuration menus and software can be quickly tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs. No programming is required to configure your learning environment, so you can be up and running faster.
Build and schedule courses using a tabbed, wizard layout. Our interface streamlines the process of course creation and presents each step in a logical sequence so the author can pick and choose which pieces are needed. Simple! Now building and scheduling courses is even easier and faster than before. No training is required to learn how to use it.
A web based utilities menu includes features to selectively delete courses and students, check the completeness of each course and verify system integrity and other useful functions. Once your system is up and running, the utilities menu makes it easy to perform any needed maintenance.
The time logging feature can be enabled with a single mouse-click. Track how long a learner spends within each section of content and how long he takes to complete an assessment. Time requirements for continuing education or other certifications can be documented. Flexible reporting allows sorting by student or course and offers a summary or detailed format.
FlexTraining lets you create different User Roles for your authors, instructors and managers, and assign different permissions to each role. Supports collaboration and division of responsibilities among various users and managers, increasing the utility and value of your training system.
A new web based customer portal will include a searchable knowledge base for instant resolution of many commonly asked questions and issues. The portal will be operational 24/7 for around-the-clock support, and is expected to be especially helpful for international customers and global time zones.
CD Export of Classes. Classes can be exported and burned onto CD for portable offsite and offline use.
The E-commerce function facilitates online payments. E-commerce promotional codes are available for promotion or reduced enrollment fees.