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  Additional Benefits of Training With FlexTraining

System FeatureCustomer Benefit
Enhanced FlexAuthoring editing tools. The enhanced edit function of the integrated FlexAuthoring tool allows expanded text editing capabilities, including font manipulation and sizing, text alignment and select highlighting.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Editor. CSS allows the user to define colors, fonts and layouts, plus offers flexibility and control in the specification of presentational characteristics.
Student Demographic Tracking. Additional student data fields improve organizational demographic tracking and reporting. This constructive feature includes an on/off option to capture the desired level of preferred, statistical analysis.
Limited Course Availability with prescribed guidelines as outlined by program administration. Monitor enrollment and course completion with the preprogrammed, hard due dates for student access and enrollment.
Enhanced custom reporting offers multiple, integrated data filters provide sorting options that allow true, detailed analysis. Design blueprint/repetitive reports to target business intelligence, and create ad hoc reports to augment enterprise functions.
Automatic course completion data archiving automatically archives student data for courses completed over one year from current date. This data warehousing feature removes aging completed courses from student home pages yet allows learners easy viewing of the files with just one click. Ideal for companies with wide-ranging training programs and copious course volumes.
Address book links. Keep select managers and personnel apprised of student and program progress through the FlexTraining linked address book function.
The Bulk Manager Assignment Tool protects proprietary student information. Assign students to cosseted manager databases and ensure sensitive training information is available to designated individuals only.
Advanced testing options tailor your course evaluations to include multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, or a combination of both, on a question-by-question basis. Customize your assessment format to ensure learner responses are captured accurately and in the desired configuration.
Promotion and discount codes. Offer percentage-based promo coupons and discount codes for selected courses.
Course hierarchy ensures your training programs and lesson content are secure through the course hierarchy feature. Establish access to or blockage from course lists for management center users based upon defined authorization levels.
Multi-language CD Export. Classes can be exported and burned onto CD in your choice of languages for portability for use offsite and offline.
Bulk Login Information. Utility to send students’ login credentials in bulk to the student module.
Delete and File/Folder Logging. This audit trail tracks who accesses and deletes files and folders.
Generic Profile Fields. For Demographics settings, three generic fields are available that can be named and modified as needed.
Registration List Report. This report shows a list of all students in the system, regardless of enrollment status.
User Import. This feature imports Management Center users to the system from spreadsheet or ODBC sources.
WYSIWYG Editor. This HTML editor has been enhanced by incorporating the third party TinyMCE HTML editor.