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  More Student Benefits of Training With FlexTraining

System FeatureCustomer Benefit
The Class Calendar Warning System alerts students to class enrollment dates. Students are alerted to due dates and expiration dates via the color-coded warning system.
Students can create international date formatting to reflect local configuration norms. Students can choose the date look and order that are inherent to their locale.
Class completion certificates are available. Students have the ability to print a certificate of completion after a class is completed successfully.
Display correct test answers. Students have the option to view correct test answers and an explanation once the test is passed.
Archive completed courses. To prevent overcrowding on their Home Page, students may archive completed courses after one year from class completion.
Each student has his or her own Online Notebook, which may be downloaded and retained by the student at class end. Students log their ideas, questions and insights in a place where notes cannot get lost.
Training systems at over 300 corporate and government sites around the world are powered by FlexTraining. Widespread global acceptance means a proven solution to support your e-Learning initiatives
The personal student menu provides access to student features and one-click enrollment from one central location. The FlexTraining student interface gives you the tools you need to learn, collaborate and track your own progress against your goals.
The student module offers visual student progress tracking. The student menu keeps graphic progress indicators of section and test completions.
Customizable Login Page Picture. Picture changing option for Student Login page makes pages more customizable.
Certificate Rendering Process. Course completion certificates are rendered in HTML and allow borders to be printed without changes to browser settings.
Email Students: Past Due Filter. The Past Due Filter is part of the Email Class function in the Learners Menu.
File System Reorganization. Files are streamlined and allow easy access to Flash movies, Guides, etc.
Fill-In-The-Blank and Multiple Choice Test Answers. The fill-in-the-blank test questions allow for up to five variable answers to be accepted as correct.
Student Module Programmed Completely using VB.NET. The Student Module is 100% ASP.NET, making the software more scalable, with faster dellivery to the student.
Student Transcript. This function is part of the Student Home Page and provides a summary of all class completions and class progress.
Continuous development of additional information and features. FlexTraining is constantly being updated to maintain its leadership in the e-Learning marketplace.