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  Manager Benefits of Training With FlexTraining

System FeatureCustomer Benefit
FlexTraining is available as a server-based product or as a monthly subscription. And a subscriber can decide to convert to a server-based solution at any time. Gives you the flexibility to house your training in-house or on our infrastructure.
Integrated PowerPoint to Flash. The integrated Microsoft PowerPoint-to-Flash converter provides instant transformation of your PPT presentations into the versatile Flash movie format.
Utilize Word files, graphs, charts, photos, email, external web pages, video, Flash and any other web delivered course content. Shorter course development cycle and ability to leverage your existing or emerging course content.
FlexTraining now comes with a unique web based content authoring tool that is totally integrated at no extra cost. Authors in various locations can easily collaborate in developing online, interactive training content over the web.
Media Library lets you easily integrate video, audio and other media without programming. Adds interactivity and flexibility for better learner retention.
Define your own course content, course guidelines and deploy your training over the Internet (or an Intranet) to as many learners, employees, customers or students as needed. Flexible licensing means it’s an incredibly cost-effective and efficient means of training your employees, customers or students.
The learner profile and competencies tracking feature provides a planning and reporting tool with detailed and summary levels. Lets you define training objectives for your online learners and groups and quickly track progress against those goals.
FlexTraining lets the administrator report on all tests and classes for a given student and it includes a custom/ad-hoc report generator. Manage and generate industry competency data without the need for a separate tracking system.
Unattended, automated enrollment processing and an optional credit card processing integration. Students enroll (and pay if you establish a fee) without requiring your staff's time and attention.
FlexTraining runs on any Windows NT or Windows 2000 server, utilizing Microsoft's built-in IIS web server software. Compatible with large installation base. Low startup cost and low cost of ownership.
FlexTraining is web-native and requires no additional client-side “plug-in” software. Faster startup with low implementation and operational costs.
Supports as many course sections, course assignments and tests as you need. You may choose to have one test, several tests or one test per section. You have the same flexibility with course assignments.